Bodybuilding Nutrition buy

Bodybuilding Nutrition buy


Bodybuilding Nutrition and dietary supplements

* Protein
* Carbohydrates
* Fats
* Creatine
* Anabolic steroids


Carbohydrates play in weight training a larger role than first. They are an energy supplier that enables you to train with weights only. Therefore, you should make sure that the carbohydrate storage is filled before training. Z. b. Pasta about 4 - 5 hours to eat before strength training.
You feel tired during or before training, so you can take the form of carbohydrates in energy bars (simple) to himself. This achieves a performance boost, which remains, however, not maintained over a long period of time. After the training, the carbohydrate reserves are replenished, but you should make sure that the human body converts excess carbohydrates into fat.


The protein is responsible for building muscles. Without protein is not a muscle.
The daily requirement for weight training is about 2 - 2.5 g per kilogram of body weight per day. These needs should be done next to animal products (meat / fish) in the form of protein shakes, since they contain no by-products such as fat or fiber. The intake of protein is based on the training, but be sure that the daily demand is not exceeded.


A high-fat diet should be avoided during strength training in every case, because the body burns fat during strength training no.
A positive side effect of the Muscle training is, however, that the increase in muscle mass of the body burns more fat, as the metabolic rate is increased.


When creatine (creatine monohydrate, creatine, Eng. Creatine) is an intermediate of energy metabolism. Creatine is formed in the liver and kidney from the amino acids glycine and arginine. Constructed in the muscle creatine strengthens the hypoglycaemic action of insulin and thereby increases the intake of sugar in the muscle.

Because creatine is adenosine triphosphate (ATP =) synthesized, which supplies the muscles with energy. By an increased level of ATP may provide the muscle for a longer period of time performance, no - as would be normally the case - to acidifies by increased lactate levels.

The daily creatine requirement for "normal" load is around 2 g / d, where the body is about half of them even synthesized and the rest of the food (see natural sources) must be included.


As the name implies bodybuilding you, this is this is a form of body sculpting through targeted training methods to build muscle and strict control of food intake. The primary goal is not the strength gains, but the Muskelamasseaufbau and definition of the muscle mass through intensive training and drainage of the muscles. By using high weights and maximum intensity of training are injuries in bodybuilding is not rare. In organized competitive sports of performance-enhancing drugs to take, as in other competitive sports is prohibited.


* Back Extension
* Abdominal Training
* Leg muscle
* arm-muscle
* Breast muscle
* Shoulder-neck muscle

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