Organic Germanium buy Info

Organic Germanium buy Info

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Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132)

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) (Ge-132) is a mineral. Several biological properties have been associated with Ge-132, including interferon induction, immunomodulating activity and antitumor efficacy as well as other biological activities without any toxicity, Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) is a biological response modifier. This means it enables the body to change its response to tumors, The Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) appears to act through several mechanisms, it binds to the oxygen, to improve cell respiration. It has its own antiviral and anti fungal activity. It is able to activate the macrophages and the natural tumor cells. Dr. Asai's original research with Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) extracted from natural plant sources convinced him that it could result in remarkable health benefits. It also allows, and perhaps especially, the natural production of interferon, and consequently to increase the proliferation of generative cells of antibodies.

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide) immune system

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) is also used for increasing circulation of blood to the brain, supporting the immune system, and as an antioxidant. Ge-132 normalizes and enhances many functions of the immune system. Several studies have reported orally administered Ge-132's ability to increase NK cell activity. Ge-132's ability to increase the activity of other white blood cells is also well documented. This is probably the single most important benefit of taking Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132), and the benefit that has doctors the most excited. Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) has been proven to stimulate the immune system which helps the body fight back against illness or disease. Studies show Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) supports healthy immune system function.

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) AIDS

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) has been associated with cancer, AIDS, weakened immune system, lack of oxygen in the blood and the cell combined. And yet, hardly anyone in Germany knows Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132), some people may know yet that there is an element, or is the Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) as a semiconductor used in microelectronics. But almost nobody knows about it, that Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) has been used for over many years for the treatment of various diseases can be with research findings that sit up. cure cancer and AIDS clinics in the United States, patients with Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) are reality. In Japan, there was an intensive research on Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132).

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) Benefits

Many of scientific studies have shown that Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) appears to have a wide range of health benefits which include helping to boost the immune system, normalize high blood pressure and cholesterol, protect the body against harmful cellular aberrations.

  • Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) circulates throughout the body through cell respiration.
  • Organic Germanium stimulates immune system and activates body's own defense mechanisms.
  • Organic Germanium normalizes many physiological imbalances including blood pressure.
  • Organic Germanium helps detoxify the body. 
  • Organic Germanium chelates heavy metals.
  • Organic Germanium protects against radiation.
  • Organic Germanium rejuvenates blood vessels.
  • Organic Germanium improves blood circulation.
  • Organic Germanium relieves chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Organic Germanium increases the flow of oxygen in the body.
  • Organic Germanium Improvement in blood circulation reduces headaches.
  • Organic Germanium Has been effective in the treatment of some forms of Cancer.
  • Organic Germanium Retarded metastatic spreading of their cancers.
  • Organic Germanium normalizes the function of T cells.

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) Electrons

As the Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) transported electrons, it can serve during the oxidative metabolism as an electron drain, and support the energy production of the body without additional oxygen. The electron transport system can be compared with a delete chain. With a shortage of electron acceptors, the entire process comes to a standstill, just like a chain-fighting, in which the water bucket can not be passed because a person is missing. Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) has been shown to be excellent electron carrier, it makes an important contribution to the effectiveness of the overall oxidative process, is in the finally produced energy for the body.

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) and Plants

These notes show as a whole, that the Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) is used by plants to maintain their micro circulation and prove themselves as higher compared to lower life forms. The principle of integrating metallic semiconductors, the acting antiseptic secure the survival of the organism, the synthetic, Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) to the extreme. In contrast to the plant stores the human organism, the Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) one not, but it separates after twenty hours together with the trapped radicals and pollutants without any side effect on the kidney. In a vaccinated with different strains of bacteria petri dish was when Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) was added, only a single result of sophisticated mold after a while, by the integrated Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) in its metabolism and thus kept the bacteria.

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide) Oxygen Treatment

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) can bring together a hyperen oxygen treatment in multiple sclerosis and other degenerative diseases, a significant improvement. The naturopath Jan de Vries describes in his book. successful treatment with increased oxygen supply in multiple sclerosis. De Vries arrived in 1975 together with Dr. Asai, and he uses Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) in his practice. Then he gathers material for a book of case histories on the Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) treatment in cancer and leukemia. In a culture of Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) reduces the oxygen demand of the organs in animals with lack of oxygen he actually prolong the life. Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winning biochemist, stated that Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) helped to increase the delivery of oxygen to cells. He believed that boosting the oxygen supply to healthy cells slowed the growth of tumors.

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide) patients Experience

1967 succeeded Dr. Asai to synthesize organic from inOrganic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132). Following this discovery, the perfect harmlessness of internally administered Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) was found in animal studies, and soon after founded a hospital, is treated in the very successful with Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) to this day. Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) patients experience-B Quote from Akai's book "Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132): A hope for many patients' treatment a case: A 50-year-old woman began 15 years ago with" acute sensory disability and could not walk because of "severe motor disorders no more. The vision had gradually and in the left eye was practically blind them. " She was given two times daily 2 grams of Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) and Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132)-eye drops. After two months they began to walk on crutches, three months later she needed only one floor. The case was a "sub-acute diagnosed with neuropathy, but it is not the slightest doubt that this was a disease course.

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) Oxygen Atoms

The many can, contribute to Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) bound oxygen atoms beneficial in this situation, because they bind to the free hydrogen, as it make Unlocking that the inhaled oxygen unhindered access to the cells and then develop its invigorating effect. Thus allows the Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) intensified tissue respiration, which would be in the particular disease state otherwise difficult to reach and soon the patient gets a rosy skin and warm limbs. The fact that no unnecessary water from hydrogen ions and oxygen is created, the body is dehydrated in a healthy manner or chemicals. Sore no more wet, repair processes are unimpeded instead. The hydrogen ion binding also has the effect that are human pathogens without excessive pathological aqueous milieu is no survival.

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide) in Lung Liver Cancer

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) was first successfully synthesized by Dr. Kazuhiko Asai of Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Asai found that Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) protect against cancer by stimulating the production of interferon. Nutritionally, the natural element Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) has been known to aid in the prevention of cancer. Thus, there are marked success in lung and liver cancer. Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) generally reduces pain and the side effects of conventional cancer therapies. The surgical outcome is improved significantly and launched a quick recovery. Result that Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) stimulates the oxygen enrichment basal metabolic processes, not at all long term toxicity is available spectacular treatment successes in many different diseases including cancer, it was described to the atomic level and researched, it is probably also as a permanent treatment for Lyme disease well suited. Since Dr. Asai, others have continued in the study of Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) sesquioxide and its healing benefits, particularly cancer treatment.

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) History

Dr. Asai succeeded in developing a process for producing an Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge 132) that was chemically identical to the form he had extracted from plants. Japanese researcher, Dr Kazuhiko Asai, was intrigued with the content of Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) he measured in coal. He reasoned that, as coal is derived from ancient plant material, there might be some point in analysing a wide variety of plants for their Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) content. He found that many of the world's most medicinal plants contained high levels of Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132). These included ginseng, shitake mushrooms, aloe vera, comfrey and garlic. Russian shelf fungus The Nobel Prize winning biochemist, Dr. Otto Warburg, asserted that Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) helped increase oxygen delivery to healthy cells which in turn slowed tumor growth. Despite this and the work of Dr. Kazuhiko Asai, Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) has since been shown to have the opposite effect. In 1967, Dr Asai, was able to synthesise the first organically bound form of Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132), Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) sequioxide (Ge-132).

Organic Germanium (Sesquioxide Ge-132) References

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Organic Germanium (Ge-132) (Ge-132TM), not to be confused with its homologous non-organic material of the semiconductor industry, is a trace element that occurs in the earth's crust in a relatively low concentration of 7 to 1 million. Ge-132 in a pure form is a highly safe organic substance with numerous therapeutic and preventive effects. To develop the run by Dr. Asai in his institute, which he founded, studies about the use of Ge-132, Ge-132 is a compound that contains Organic Germanium (Ge-132), carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The Organic Germanium (Ge-132) has been specifically studied in Japan after. Kuzihiko Dr. Asai has discovered that certain medicinal plants such as ginseng, shiitake, garlic and chlorella have naturally high concentrations of Organic Germanium (Ge-132), which would explain very many of their therapeutic modes of action. Small amounts of Organic Germanium (Ge-132) are found in some plant based foods. Buy Organic Germanium Ge-132 and order Artemisia Online. Natural Cancer treatment. Buy Artemisinin and Organic Germanium Ge-132 supplements here. Order Organic Germanium Ge132, Sesquioxide, Artemisinin, Artemisia, Alternative Cancer Therapie, Natural Cancer Cure, lung cancer, prostate cancer, Breast Cancer.

Organic Germanium(Ge-132) Benefits

Organic Germanium (Ge-132) has a small band gap that allows it to efficiently respond to infrared light. The two important characteristics of Organic Germanium (Ge-132) that brings about healthy function effects are its natural ability to balance the body's ions. Benefits plus Since natural and Organic Germanium (Ge-132) promotes air circulation throughout the system.